iReport: Russia Summer WES 2016

What an event! I’ve never seen a tower of Phyto2GO before. Keep up the incredible events, Russia!

5 (002) ”A captivating selection of events with excellent and well thought-out speeches of world-known Leaders who are unsurpassed in their success – this is what summer Weekend-seminars are all about.

The varied program with various speakers all of them extremely skilled guaranteed to leave everybody with a smile on a face, with faith in a heart and with confidence in a mind. Carefully selected topics for speeches indulged everyone who is ready for changing the circumstances, for getting hold of their life, for achieving success. Sparkling Founder Crowns from Ukraine Igor and Valeria Kharatin giving fascinating performances abound with verve and energy; charming Triple Diamond from Australia Angie Somers delivering statements from her heart and shining in all her beauty; impeccable Founder Crown Ambassador from Ukraine Aleksey Mautanov revealing some real secrets to real success; wonderfully emotional Founder Diamonds from Russia Konstantin and Olesya Zolochevsky with a real joie de vivre; hotshot Diamond from Romania Gabriela Hogas, shimmering and smiling, coaxing an amazing resonance in the audience; colorful and energetic Diamonds from Russia Elkhan and Milana Ezhdarovy with impressive strength and dexterity.

A beautiful wrapping of it included jazz bands welcoming people to the venue on Friday, special meeting with Diamonds with a chance to share a cup of coffee or a glass of Phyto2GO from a glamorous tower on Saturday, and a confetti burst at the finale on Sunday. Summers WESs turned out to be a special compilation striking all the right notes of the audience resulting in their constant desire to have new achievements by autumn 2016.”

iReport: Kiev WES June 24-26, 2016

It always feels like a gift receiving these iReports! Hope you enjoy the updates, pictures, and quotes as much as I do. :)

Девид Дорнан 1.jpg“The Weekend Seminar in Kiev on 24th -26th of June was no less than a grandiose event! Leaders in Ukraine had a huge honor to welcome as a Special Guest Speaker David Dornan, Founder Diamond ABO from the United States of America, who is continuing the legacy of the Founders of the Network TwentyOne System, his parents, Jim & Nancy Dornan. Within his dynamic, structured and insightful speeches David taught us how to become better versions of ourselves and how important it is to have a vision.

David Dornan: “Vision in the business defines direction which your team will keep to. People are following only those who have clear vision”; “You can achieve your dream if you help to achieve somebody else their dream.”

The WES program was abundant with teaching and sharing experience from mature Leaders of the highest pin levels as well as the most promising active young Leaders.
It is worth mentioning the following quotes:
Alexey Mautanov, Founder Crown Ambassador ABO from Ukraine, Member of Amway Founder Council: “Mentor is someone who shows you the way. In Amway business these are your Sponsors. Their business experience is invaluable!”
Taras & Irina Demkura, Crown Ambassador ABOs from Ukraine, Members of Amway Founder Council: “Be in the latest trend! Never stop learning. Work. Be disciplined. Develop yourselves and be interesting to people”.
Igor Kharatin, Founder Crown ABO from Ukraine, Member of Amway Founder Council: “This is the business in which you will have to change. There are two plans: a definite plan of your business development and your personality development.”
Valeriya Kharatin, Founder Crown ABO from Ukraine, Member of Amway Founder Council: “What are Leaders supposed to do? They create necessary atmosphere in their teams”.

Refreshed, recharged, with a definite action plan we will go on making the most of this business! See you at the next Weekend Seminar!!!”

iReport: Northern European Free Enterprise June 3-5, 2016

The Northern European Free Enterprise included ABOs from Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, and Sweden. Can you imagine what it felt like to be in that arena surrounded by other leaders and dreamers, learning from and being motivated by incredible speakers? Do not miss the next event!

IMG_7651“We can still feel the energy from the exceptional event we had in Riga last weekend. It was truly unforgettable!

For the first time in the Baltic’s, we had the chance to welcome the amazing NANCY DORNAN, who shared with us her unique passion and great wisdom. What an honor to welcome N21 Founder and Founders Crown Ambassador from USA on N21 stage!

Besides remarkable Nancy Dornan, we had the privilege to welcome HANS NUSSHOLD, the Crown Ambassador from Austria. He gave us a fantastic learning experience and push to work harder to reach our goals.

We were happy and honored to welcome on the stage of FREE ENTERPRISE Diamonds and above speakers:

Aleksey Mautanov, Founders Crown Ambassador from Ukraine. He has surprised many of us with such beautiful English.  We are excited to see him soon on the English speaking stages of N21. There is no doubt he is one of the best teachers in N21.

Per & Ayta Mansson, Double Diamonds from Sweden. Beautiful people with great vision for their life. 

Marek &  Izabela Bujwicki, Double Diamonds from Poland. I think we all are a bit jealous of those leaders, we all would like to have such great memories from around the world… but the best thing is, we can still have it!

Toivo Rande, Founders Diamond from Estonia. If everyone has the same passion as Toivo for this business, we would have only Diamonds in the world.

We were also highly motivated by Diamonds who have taken us out from our comfort zone (Mats Holmberg, Diamond from Aland), showed that no matter what age you are you can start this business (Håkan & Suzan Modiér, Diamonds from Sweden), explain importance of building LC till next WES (Pia Hagman, Diamond from Sweden) and inspire to design your own vision, and what will help you to move forward (Les Hetnal, Diamond from Poland).

Nancy Dornan has said – “Dreaming is for free” and “Your thoughts are your tools or your weapons” So think about what you are dreaming about and use those thoughts wisely!

Hans Nusshold said – “Everything we have now is a result of our habits”. If anybody changes his own habits until next WES it will be our great success!

See you in Estonia, Poland and Sweden at our Autumn WES and we wish to see you all sitting in the Achievers section, these are the best places in the venue :) !

iReport: North America Summer Conferences

All these speakers between 2 conferences…I’m jealous! Check out the N21 North America Facebook page for more pictures here.

” We had 2 incredible summer conferences! Our first was April 29-May 1 in Atlanta, GA at the Atlanta Marriott Buckhead. We received strong teaching all weekend from our guest speakers executive diamonds Stuart and Charmaigne Menn. The WES began with a special Leaders Club and above meeting with founders crown Peter Matz! Afterward we had a fun reception for those who completed the PlusOne Challenge. Our first session on Friday included Jules Dornan, Kevin and Kirsten Sears, and Stuart & Charmaigne Menn. Saturday was a full day with teaching from Stuart Menn, Dave Dornan, XS Sports Nutrition, Kevin Sears, Mike Wilson, and Nancy Dornan! Every session was better than the one before, and we ended Sunday with Stuart Menn, Andrew Mackay, and Janos Demeter. What a weekend!

Three weeks later we headed to Southern California to the Hyatt Regency Orange County for a wonderful weekend with guest speakers executive diamonds Amit and Arti Sondhi from India AND founders emerald Suha Evrim from Turkey! Once again we had a special time with our guest speakers at the Leaders Club and above meeting followed by another fun reception for the challenge winners! Friday night kicked off with Dane Morton, Suha Evrim, and Amit & Arti Sondhi. Saturday was packed with motivating talks from Dave Dornan, Amit Sondhi, XS Sports Nutrition, Leo Cid, Jim Floor, Jeff Applebaum, and Mike Wilson. Sunday was memorable with powerful teaching from all our guest speakers.

After these conferences we are excited, ready, and looking forward to the North America Leadership Conference in September!”

iReport: Russia Spring 2016 Weekend Seminars

1 country, 5 cities, 7 beautiful pictures, 1 awesome iReport. Until next time :)

“Spring WES-wave in Russia was hot and impressive! We had a great beginning with enchanting Peter Cox and his energetic ‘The Night Riders’. They really fired up the multi-thousand venue in St.Petersburg! Les Hetnal charmed us with his wisdom and subtle emotions in Rostov. Our guests from India, Rashmi and Sushil Pachnanda, and Amit Sondhi inspired the audience in Omsk and Ekaterinburg with their focusing and experience. Finally in Kazan, Marek and Isabela Bujwicki captivated attention of participants with inexpressible atmosphere and vital energy of their speeches.

This was a great time for every ABO to get professional training, receive new knowledge and start a new lifestyle! See you soon in summer!”

iReport: Asia-Pacific Go-Diamond in Bali, Indonesia

Can we rewind the clock so we can all be flies on the wall at this event?! Incredible. I know I squeezed a lot of pictures on here, but I wanted to make sure you saw them all! I think you’ll forgive me this one time, won’t you? ;)

“Bali is like a living postcard, an Indonesian paradise that feels like a fantasy. On April 14th through April 17th N21 leaders from Brunei, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Taiwan gathered at the Westin Nusa Dua for an epic Asia-Pacific Go Diamond on the lovely island of Bali.

Between power-packed meetings, leaders were able to soak up the sun on fine white sand, swim or dive along coral ridges, shop, visit ancient sites or simply relax in this island paradise with their up line and down line.

We were honored by special guests, Dave & Jules Dornan, Mitch & Deidre Sala, Peter Cox, Gad & Melissa Ghabrial and Basil Harris, who each delivered incredible messages to the attendees. What inspiration!

During 3 short days, we were able to celebrate many hundreds of new pins, including a new Double Diamond.  What a celebration!”

iReport: Hellas WES February 19-21, 2016

20 YEARS! I can’t wait to see what you accomplish over the next 20. Congratulations on another incredible WES- I am so proud :)

3WES 2 2016 n21 HELLAS_3 (002)“This year N21 Hellas celebrates 20 years!!! This celebration started with an amazing WES full of energy.

20 years ago BIG great leaders from all over the world started to build this market with young dreamers who wanted more for their lives. During these years new leaders were born that have now taken the baton to do the same: inspire, teach and build new leadership!

A new era for Network 21 Hellas started with an invitation to the young generation. Our stage was full of young and promising dreamers; what a feeling!

Our guest speakers Diamond Les Hetnal from Poland and Founders Double Diamonds from Austria Alois & Sissy Szuchar with their inspiring speeches started the fire and made this WES a starting point for each attendee.  People were fired up and their energy made the ticket for the “next destination” seem so logical. They are ready to make it till the end of the line! We thank them for their wisdom, for their belief in business and for their passion. Moments like these someone can live only in a WES!

Until the next WES …”

iReport: Kiev WES March 25 -27, 2016

WOW. I’m speechless…well, I can always think of something to say ;) Thank you to all the leaders at this meeting for many things: the new achievements, embracing the “Blue Jeans” generation, and being generous with your wisdom. I can’t imagine how you are going to top this event but I can’t wait to see it this summer. :)

panel.jpg“The event we had last weekend was truly unforgettable! So much motivation, inspiration and dynamics in three days! We were lucky to have some of the most brilliant Guest Speakers: Founders Executive Diamond from South Africa Kevin Harris and Network of Caring Chief Significance Officer R.D. Saunders; along with the fantastic coverage on the important topics from Ukrainian Crown ABOs and above: Vera Archipova, Taras & Irina Demkura, Igor & Valeriya Kharatin.

We are grateful to Kevin Harris for his amazing speeches: “Thousands of hours of preparation in order to become a champion. Thousands of hours of preparation leading to result, leading to that moment when the whole world is going to stop and applaud you. Are you ready to invest thousands of hours of preparation to become a champion?”

Kevin also told about 6 steps of skill development – «effortless competence». “Don’t be afraid of the problems. They make us stronger and we are looking for strong people here”.

R.D. Saunders had a deep impact on the audience with his wise words and impressive account on the Network of Caring news from around the world. “Stop waiting! Your life is not going to last forever. Start working! Do, act!”

Recognitions of NEW Silver, Gold, and Platinum ABOs and above were a highlight of the Saturday night!

Panels and discussion clubs on the video messages from David Dornan, Bernhard Gruber & Nadine Nusshold, Marta Bujwicka-Kolman & Jack Kolman all made it very interactive to the benefit of Blue Jeans Meeting participants!

All of us are eagerly waiting for the Summer WES in Kiev and looking forward to welcome David Dornan, Founders Diamond ABO from USA who is going to be our Guest Speaker at this future event!”


Press Release: 10,000 Wheelchairs and Counting

I’ve got a very exciting update from Network of Caring :) Check out the press release on the N21 website here.



iReport: Wonderful Event in Antalya!

Mitch & Diedre Sala, Amgad Ghabrial, panel, reception… I could keep going- there was so much packed into that WES! And a reception at a palace?! You know how to make someone want to become an ELC ;)

“We had another wonderful event at sunny and warm Antalya. Amgad Ghabrial was the guest speaker and he added great effort to build the belief back as it was the theme of the event. He reflected his headline as “Work Hard, Work Smart” and we believe it would highlight the teaching session on Sunday.

Saturday evening was a real dream night and the panel was the great attraction of this session. Amway’s workshop was also another outstanding part of the event on Saturday morning, and introduction of “New Protein Bars” proved the value of partnership. The New ELC Reception on Friday evening was arranged at the historical atmosphere of Topkapi Palace, and we noticed the envy of many new leaders for the future.

Motivation has reached the top when the Guest Speaker of the next event was announced, Founders Crown Ambassador Mitch & Deidre Sala. We hope it will be another unforgettable event for Turkish market. Be there and contact to your leader for it!”